Welcome to IIMP®

Who we are
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) is an independent professional not-for-profit association that is dedicated to developing and promoting Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAM Standards) for marketing practitioners. The development of Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards is led by the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Board which represents G-20 countries; the IAMS Board members include senior academic leaders from reputable business schools and Chief Marketing Officers from major corporations, these individuals are selected due to their outstanding professional and academic achievements in the areas of marketing.

The IIMP® has the largest advisory network throughout the world. Currently, International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP) represents 192 countries, which consists of a broad cross-section of academic leaders, consultants and business professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the marketing field. Each of these council members represents a different country and able to contribute by expressing their points of view on the Generally Accepted Marketing Principles™ and Practices and contemporary marketing profession issues in their particular country or region.

The objective of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals is to develop Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards that are of high-quality, practical, enforceable and comprehensive. The standards will implement best practices, polices and accountability in the field of marketing and will be used to establish integrity and ethical conduct in the marketing profession. By providing credibility to the marketing practices, interactions and transactions with clients within business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer marketing environments will be facilitated. The adoption of Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards will distinguish the marketing field from other disciplines and the standards will provide a framework and reference for training programs and marketing designations.

What we do
The International Institute of Marketing Professionals is devoted to executing the following major goals:

1. Publishing the International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices - IJMPP, a high
quality scholarly publication of leading and innovative information in the areas of marketing,
targeted at promoting the development and dissemination of advances in the field by
maintaining the highest standards of intellectual thought combined with practical relevance.

2. Publishing the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ - IAMS based upon
Generally Accepted Marketing Principles™ and practices which will contain a description
of generally accepted practices in the field of marketing and will set the criteria for IIMP®
marketing management designations.

3. The development and establishment of IIMP® marketing designations:
- Certified Marketing Management Professional - CMMP®
- Associate Certified Marketing Management Professional - Associate CMMP®
- Manager Certified Marketing Management professional - Manager CMMP®
- Executive Certified Marketing Management Professional - Executive CMMP®
- Chartered Certified Marketing Management professional - Chartered CMMP®

4. The establishment of relationships with marketing associations and the development
of IIMP® Chapters around the world, in order to promote the Internationally Accepted
Marketing Standards™ (IAMS) and IIMP® marketing designations.

5. The accreditation of training centres internationally, in order to provide an educational
foundation for the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAM Standards)
and IIMP® marketing designations.

6. Participating in major marketing conferences and establishing extensive award program
in order to appreciate outstanding accomplishments of the marketing practitioners and
academician globally.

Our Focus
IIMP® is dedicated towards working within an ethical framework that encompasses integrity, professionalism and excellence. These are the foundational building blocks that add value to IIMP® designations and its membership program. Individuals who have achieved specific qualifications through their education and work experience in the marketing field will be able to obtain an IIMP™ designation. The International Institute of Marketing Professionals aims to accredit training centres on a worldwide basis in order to provide for its members a higher standard of quality and focused training to be utilized in the professional realm.

Industry Recognition
Industry recognition is the cornerstone of IIMP®’s strategic approach and leadership objective. IIMP® is dedicated to creating awareness of its membership programs, designations and high quality of standards by educating corporate and governing bodies worldwide. Additionally, by building a vast network of Chapters internationally through partnership operations, IIMP® will be able to meet its strategic goals of creating awareness and industry recognition.

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