Academic Accreditation Committee

The Academic Accreditation Committee at IIMP® is responsible for planning, directing, administrating and evaluating the educational institution's general education and transfer disciplines. The Committee aids the Senior Vice President of Academic Accreditation for selecting and accrediting institutions in order to support IIMP® designations around the globe.

Additionally, the committee is in charge of developing and implementing policies and procedures related to the accreditation and recognition of educational institutions. The Academic Accreditation Committee collaborates and communicates with the Education Committee in order to discuss progressive marketing issues that can be implemented in educational curriculums.

The committee includes the Academic Accreditation Managers, Associate Managers, Associates, Directors, Senior Directors, Associate Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice President of Academic Accreditation.

Committee Members

- Senior Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Rajender Kumar, LLB, PhD
- Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Dr. J. Barry Dickinson, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
- Associate Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Md. Zahir Uddin Arif, MA, M.Phil.
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr Mohammed Misbahul Amin, M.Phil., PhD
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Alvin Chan, DBA, MBA, PGDE
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Radhika Jonnalagedda, PhD Candidate
- Director of Academic Accreditation—Pinaki Param Ghosh, PMP, MMM (Marketing)
- Director of Academic Accreditation—Robert W.H. McGregor

Vacant Roles:
- Academic Accreditation Manager (vacant position)
- Assistant Academic Accreditation Manager (vacant position)
- Academic Accreditation Associate (vacant position)


IIMP® is currently looking for individuals to join as volunteers, please complete and submit a volunteer application with indication to which committee and volunteer position title you are would like to join; proceed with an online application at: Volunteer Application.