Brand Management Committee

The Brand Management Committee at IIMP® is responsible for developing the IIMP® designation strategy and managing all aspects of the IIMP® brand principles and rules, ensuring the IIMP® brand is maintained to the highest standard in all IIMP® institutes around the world. The Brand Management Committee on a regular basis collaborates and communicates with the Business Strategy Committee in order to align the IIMP® brand strategy with the overall business strategy.

The committee includes the Vice President, Associate Vice President, Brand Managers, Assistant Brand Managers, and Associates that report to the Senior Vice President Brand Management.

Committee Members

Core Team Members:
- Senior Vice President Marketing, Prof. Dr. Chuck Hermans
- Associate Vice President Brand Management, Philip J O'Dwyer
- Brand Management Director, Prof. Shawn Stacey
- Brand Management Director, Farooq Ahmad
- Market Intelligence Director, Mohammed Anagreh
- Senior Brand Manager, Ryan Demelo
- Brand Manager, Annie Smolcic
- Brand Manager, Fahad Naseem
- Brand Manager, Vidhya Ramamurthy
- Brand Manager, Haris Ahmed Butt
- Brand Manager, Aman Ullah Mohammad
- Digital Strategy Manager, Zoran Stojanovic

Vacant Roles:
- Vice President Brand Management


IIMP® is currently looking for individuals to join the Brand Management Team as a volunteer. If you are interested in joining the team: click here to proceed with the volunteer application.