Business Strategy Committee

The Business Strategy Committee at IIMP® is responsible for managing the organization’s strategic direction. Their goals include introducing business development initiatives that are consistent with the organization’s overall strategy. The committee will be regularly communicating and collaborating with IIMP™’s Governance and Operations Committee in order to align strategic goals and corporate policies.

The committee includes the Business Strategy Manager, Assistant Business Strategy Managers, and Associates that report to the Vice President of Business Strategy.

Committee Members

- Vice President Business Strategy, Angela Martins
- Associate Vice President of Business Strategy, Prof. Joefrelin C. Ines
- Director Business Strategy, Jeff Cohen, M.B.A, CBAP, Six Sigma, HL7
- Director Business Strategy, Palma Petrilli
- Business Strategy Manager, Elisabeth Araujo
- Business Strategy Manager, Ana Caracaleanu, MBA
- Business Strategy Associate Manager, Gaurav Mehra, MS (Marketing) Canadidate

Vacant Roles:
- Business Strategy Assistant Manager
- Business Strategy Associate


IIMP® is currently looking for individuals to join as volunteers and fill the vacant positions. Please indicate the committee and volunteer position title you are interested in joining when completing the volunteer application: Volunteer Application.