Conferences and Awards Committee

The Conferences and Awards Committee at IIMP is responsible for planning, organizing and collaborating partnerships with organizations around the world in order to participate in the congresses, evaluate papers and present awards to the deserving candidates within the marketing discipline.

Additionally, the committee has the responsibility to:
- Initiate and manage collaborations with academic / industrial conferences;
- Introduce IIMP®'s designation to the marketing academicians, practitioners and scholars;
- Arrange collaborations with Business Schools, and;
- Provide feedback on the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS).

Committee Members

- Vice President Conferences & Awards, Amjad Shamim
- Associate Vice President Conferences & Awards, Dr. André Carneiro
- Associate Vice President Conferences & Awards, Dr. Sanjaya S. Gaur
- Manager for Conferences & Awards, Alice Billy
- Manager for Conferences & Awards, Paras Ali Nawab

Vacant Positions:
- Director, Conferences and Awards
- Associate Director, Conferences and Award
- Assistant Manager, Conferences and Awards
- Associate, Conferences and Awards


IIMP® is currently looking for individuals to join as volunteers and fill the vacant positions. Please indicate the committee and volunteer position title you are interested in joining when completing the volunteer application: Volunteer Application.