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NextGen Interactive Media Inc.

NextGen Interactive Media is an industry leader, dedicated in publishing innovative, informative and quality web sites and publications (in-print) which are profoundly focused on specific niche markets.

NextGen Interactive Media brings two decades of innovation and experience to today’s IT industry. Its primary objective is to create a network of industry leaders throughout Canada and make them accessible to a wide range of markets in need of their services, whether they be businesses, government or individuals. To achieve this goal, NextGen sources out and compiles comprehensive listings of specific business sectors for inclusion on developing websites as part of a mass marketing campaign.

NextGen Interactive Media’s in-print publications cover various markets, including post-secondary education, corporate training, employment, accounting and finance, human resource management and information technology. Company’s literary reach extends to millions of readers annually, and the web sites attract large number of visitors.

NextGen Media has developed strong relationships through strategic alliance with our partners including industry leading trade show management organizations and professional associations across Canada.

NextGen Media’s Publications:
NextGen Media is currently, publishing the following business periodicals (in-print), Newsletters and associated web sites:

1) Accounting World – Ontario’s Accounting & Finance Publication;
2) Canadian Study – Education & Employment Publication;
3) JobPaper – Employment & Recruitment Publication;
4) HR World – Canadian Human Resource Management Publication;
5) Training World – Corporate Training Publication;
6) IT Security World – Information Technology Security Publication.

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Marketing International Directory

NextGen Interactive Media Inc., has launched the Marketing International Directory via web site, in order to create a vital resource, communicational channel and global presence of marketing professionals world-wide. Eventually, the site will be promoted to the businesses, Government and consumers in need of services from the marketing sector.

In order to promote web site, NextGen Media is raising awareness through participation in marketing and related business events, advertising with internet search engines world-wide, advertising with NextGen Interactive Media's own websites and publications including CanadianStudy Education & Employment Newspaper, JobPaper Publication, TrainingWorld Newspaper, HRWorld Human Resources Newspaper, Information Technology SecurityWorld Publication, other corporate publications, phone directories, posters, targeted mass e-mailing and related websites.

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Marketing Circle

Marketing Circle is an online premier resource for marketing practitioners, professionals, researchers and students interested in professional development and leadership enhancement in the field of marketing management and research. Its a unique place for the development of marketing professionals as well as for those who wish to get into the Marketing field.

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