Volunteer Committees

IIMP® is currently seeking volunteers to fill various vacant roles. Please view the following the committee to explore further and join.

- Academic Accreditation Committee
- Brand Management Committee
- Business Strategy Committee
- Conferences & Awards Committee
- Education Committee
- Global Alliances Committee
- Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Committee
- Publications Management Committee
- Finance & Accounting Committee
- Human Resources & Recruitment Committee
- Information & Technology Committee
- Membership Development Committee

Academic Accreditation Committee
The Academic Accreditation Committee at IIMP® is responsible for planning, directing, administrating and evaluating the educational institution's general education and transfer disciplines. The Committee will aid the Vice President of Academic Accreditation for selecting and accrediting institutions in order to support IIMP® designations. Additionally, the committee will be in charge of coordinating policies and procedures related to the accreditation of educational centres. The Academic Accreditation Committee will collaborate and communicate with the Designation Committee in order to discuss progressive marketing issues that can be implemented in educational curriculums.

Committee Members
- Senior Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Rajender Kumar, LLB, PhD
- Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Dr. J. Barry Dickinson, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
- Associate Vice President of Academic Accreditation—Md. Zahir Uddin Arif, MA, M.Phil.
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr Mohammed Misbahul Amin, M.Phil., PhD
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Alvin Chan, DBA, MBA, PGDE
- Senior Director of Academic Accreditation—Dr. Radhika Jonnalagedda, PhD Candidate
- Director of Academic Accreditation—Pinaki Param Ghosh, PMP, MMM (Marketing)
- Director of Academic Accreditation—Robert W.H. McGregor

Vacant Roles:
- Academic Accreditation Manager
- Assistant Academic Accreditation Manager
- Academic Accreditation Associate

Brand Management Committee
The Brand Management Committee at IIMP® is responsible for developing the IIMP® designation strategy and managing all aspects of the IIMP® brand principles and rules, ensuring the IIMP® brand is maintained to the highest standard in all IIMP® institutes around the world. The Brand Management Committee on a regular basis will be collaborating and communicating with the Business Strategy Committee in order to align the IIMP® brand strategy with the overall business strategy.

Committee Members
- Senior Vice President Marketing, Prof. Dr. Chuck Hermans
- Associate Vice President Brand Management, Philip J O'Dwyer
- Brand Management Director, Prof. Shawn Stacey
- Brand Management Director, Farooq Ahmad
- Market Intelligence Director, Mohammed Anagreh
- Senior Brand Manager, Ryan Demelo
- Brand Manager, Annie Smolcic
- Brand Manager, Fahad Naseem
- Brand Manager, Vidhya Ramamurthy
- Brand Manager, Haris Ahmed Butt
- Brand Manager, Aman Ullah Mohammad
- Digital Strategy Manager, Zoran Stojanovic

Vacant Roles:
- Vice President Brand Management

Business Strategy Committee
The Business Strategy Committee at IIMP® is responsible for managing the organization’s strategic direction. Their goals include introducing business development initiatives that are consistent with the organization’s overall strategy. The committee will be regularly communicating and collaborating with IIMP®’s Governance and Operations Committee in order to align strategic goals and corporate policies.

Committee Members
- Vice President Business Strategy, Angela Martins
- Associate Vice President of Business Strategy, Prof. Joefrelin C. Ines
- Director Business Strategy, Jeff Cohen, M.B.A, CBAP, Six Sigma, HL7
- Director Business Strategy, Palma Petrilli
- Business Strategy Manager, Elisabeth Araujo
- Business Strategy Manager, Ana Caracaleanu, MBA
- Business Strategy Associate Manager, Gaurav Mehra, MS (Marketing) Canadidate

Vacant Roles:
- Business Strategy Assistant Manager (vacant position)
- Business Strategy Associate(vacant position)

Conferences and Awards Committee
The Conferences and Awards Committee at IIMP is responsible for planning, organizing and collaborating partnerships with organizations around the world in order to participate in the congresses, evaluate papers and present awards to the deserving candidates within the marketing discipline. Additionally, the committee has the responsibility to:
- Initiate and manage collaborations with academic / industrial conferences;
- Introduce IIMP®'s designation to the marketing academicians, practitioners and scholars;
- Arrange collaborations with Business Schools, and;
- Provide feedback on the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS).

Committee Members
- Vice President Conferences & Awards, Amjad Shamim
- Associate Vice President Conferences & Awards, Dr. André Carneiro
- Associate Vice President Conferences & Awards, Dr. Sanjaya S. Gaur
- Manager for Conferences & Awards, Alice Billy
- Manager for Conferences & Awards, Paras Ali Nawab

Vacant Positions:
- Director, Conferences and Awards
- Associate Director, Conferences and Award
- Assistant Manager, Conferences and Awards
- Associate, Conferences and Awards

Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals’ (IIMP®) seminars and educational programs globally, in order to support marketing designations and professional development programs for IIMP® members and non-members – practitioners, academicians and industry professionals.

Committee Members
- Senior Vice President Education, Tahir Khurshid, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Candidate
- Associate Vice President Education, Mark Kustra, MBA, PhD Candidate
- Senior Education Director, Keith Carrington, MBA, JD Candidate
- Senior Education Director, Anthony Francescucci, MBA, DBA Candidate
- Education Director, Md. Shamsuzzaman Zaman, MBA (Marketing)
- Education Director, Arsenio Bonifacio, MBA
- Education Marketing Associate, Ahmad Yassin, BA (Marketing & Business)

Vacant Roles:
- Vice President Education
- Education Manager
- Assistant Education Manager

Global Alliances Committee
The Global Alliances Committee at IIMP® is responsible for the direction and management of development and growth of Alliances and setting IIMP® institutes in order to establish Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards and IIMP®’s marketing designations around the world.

The Committee is in charge of confirming that all IIMP® Institutes are in compliance with the procedures and policies stipulated in the by-laws of IIMP®. Additionally the Global Alliances Committee maintains relationships with IIMP® institutes’ local management teams and develop and implement strategies for expanding the IIMP® reach world-wide. The Global Alliances Committee on a regular basis collaborates and communicates with the Membership Services Committee in order to align objectives and share membership data.

Additionally, the global team provides technical and advisory support to all relevant committees including: membership development, global alliances, brand management, education management and academic accreditation in the areas of research, planning and program implementation.

The global team is led by the Senior Vice President of Global Alliances; the framework consists of core team that includes 4 vice presidents, each resonsible for a different global zone and global team that includes 17 regional directors who are responsible for supervising and monitoring country managers within their regions. All continents have been divided into the following seventeen manageable regions.

Core Team Members:
- Senior Vice President Global Alliances; Angela Martins, MBE, CPC
- Vice President Gobal Alliances for Africa, Henry Aladiume, Ph.D (Marketing) Candidate
- Vice President Gobal Alliances for America, Palma Petrilli, MS (Marketing)
- Vice President Gobal Alliances for Asia; Prof. Dr. Hasan Hasanuzzoha, PhD
- Vice President Gobal Alliances for Europe, Middle East & Oceania; Ron Caughlin, MCOM

Regional Directors:
- Africa (Western Region)—Lekpele Nyamalon, BSc, MBA
- Africa (Eastern Region)—Rita Oyier, BSc, Cert. (Marketing)
- Africa (Middle Region)—Aime Ngalle, MBA
- Africa (Southern Region)—Dr. Oren Dayan, PhD (Marketing/Globalisation)
- America (Central Region)—Xavier Hurtado, BBA (Marketing), M.Ed.
- America (The Caribbean Region)—Michele Campo-Aimable, B.A, MBA
- America (Southern Region)—Ramiro Munoz, MBA
- Asia (Eastern Region)—Dr. Alvin Chan, DBA, MBA, PGDE
- Asia (South-Central Region)—Syed Nusrat Shah Hashmi, MBA, MPA, CPM, MCP
- Asia (South-East Region)—Nehal Medh, MMS
- Asia (Western Region)—Dr. Anna Avetisyan, PhD (Country Brand Development)
- European Union—Dr. Claudia Cacia, PhD (Marketing & Communication)
- Middle East—Hamza Taqi, Chartered Marketer

Associate Regional Directors:
- Africa (Eastern Region, Territory-1)—Kaara Munyi, B.Com (Marketing)
- Asia (South-Central Region, Territory-1)—Rafiuddin Ahmed, MS, MIB
- Asia (South-Central Region, Territory-2)—Ashish Bhalla, B.Com, MBA
- Asia (South-Central Region, Territory-3)—Muhammad Shakil Ahmad, MBA, PhD Candidate

Regional Directors (Vacant Positions):
- Africa (Northern Region)
- Africa (Southern Region)
- America (Northern Region)
- Europe
- European Union

Country Managers:
- Albania—Uranik Begu, MBA (Marketing), DBA Candidate
- Algeria—Roslane Bencharif, BS
- Australia—Heidi Salehhudin, MS (International Marketing)
- Bangladesh—Asif Ahmed, BBA (Marketing)
- Bahrain—Abid Patel, B.Sc., PGDBM (Marketing)
- Benin—Odilon S. E. Gbaguidi, MBA (Marketing Strategy)
- Bhutan—Pradeep Lavania, MBA
- Brazil—Marco Antonio Gonzaga, M.Sc. (Administration)
- Canada—Chady Kassis, MCIM
- Cameroon—Venatius Tsi Fon, BMA, MA marketing, DipM, ACIM
- Ethiopia—Yenus Fedlu, BA (Marketing), MBA Candidate
- Gambia—Lamin Yabou, Grad. Dipl. (Marketing)
- Germany—Jim Olayemi, MA (International Business)
- Greece—Dr. Sofia Daskou, PhD Marketing
- Honduras—Tania Lopez, MA
- India—Kiran Elengickal, MBA (Marketing)
- Kazakhstan—Alexandr Dorofeyev
- Kenya—Zuhura Ogada, MBA (Marketing)
- Kuwait—Nahla Al-Rushaid, BS (MIS)
- Macedonia—Kosta Petrov, BA
- Madagascar—Carlos Yanogo, MS (Marketing)
- Malawai—Express Moyo, MBA
- Mali—Toure Sarmoye, Master (Marketing)
- Mongolia—Emil Kaburuan, MBA, PhD Candidate
- Nepal—Rahul Sachdev, MBA
- New Zealand—Bharat Chawla, PGDBM (International Marketing)
- Pakistan—Tufail Ahmed Khan, MBA, MS (Marketing)
- Paraguay—Maria Leticia, BS (Admin & Marketing)
- Serbia—Radovan Vasiljevic, M.Sc.
- South Africa—Shren Moodley, MBA (Marketing)
- Sudan—Musaad Abdullah, MBA
- Tanzania—Alex Kiome, MBA
- Uganda—Francis Maina Kimondo (MBA, ACIM, BESBM)
- United Arab Emirates—Waheed Ahmad Siddiqi, MBA
- United Kingdom—John Hauxwell, MBA Candidate
- United States of America—Tom Stein, (Master of Music)
- Zambia—Brian Kunda, MBA

Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Committee
The Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS) Committee at IIMP® is responsible for managing and developing IIMP® marketing designations and the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS) Handbook. Additionally, the committee will research and develop policies and procedures required for the implementation of IIMP™ certification programs. A key role for the IAMS Committee is to provide feedback and suggestions to the Vice President of IAMS in order to improve IIMP® designations and the IAMS Handbook.

Committee Members
- Djordje Teofilovic, Vice President of IAMS Committee
- Ryan Caligiuri, Director of IAMS Committee
- Prof. Krishna Alejandrino, Director of IAMS Committee
- Karen Fleming, Associate Director of IAMS Committee
- Anna Gavrilidis, Manager of IAMS Committee

Vacant Roles
- Assistant Manager of IAMS Committee
- Associate of IAMS Committee

Publications Management Committee

The Publications Management Committee provides leadership for attainment and maintenance of high level of quality and efficiency in the IIMP®’s publications, maintain archives, and keep an accurate record of all the publishing related activities.

Some of the functions of the committee include:
- Collaborating with other committees;
- Promoting high quality research and contents of the marketing discipline through;
- Managing the selection of editors, special issues and editorial boards;
- Initiating and managing changes to policy and procedures regarding publications.

Committee Members
- Vice President Publications, Dr. Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie
- Associate Vice President Publications, Zahid Ali, MBA (Marketing), M.Phil
- Editorial Director, Marija Jovic, MSc, PhD (Marketing) Candidate
- Editorial Manager, Burak Eker, BS
- Graphic Art & Design Director, Sumardy Coffin, MBA
- Editorial Manager, Cagdas Kanar, BS
- Editorial Manager, Dimitar Stoyanov, BA (International Business)
- Editorial Manager, Richard K. Achu, MBA, ACIM

Vacant Positions:
- Director of Publications
- Associate Director of Publications
- Manager of Publications
- Assistant Manager of Publications
- Associate, Publications

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee at IIMP® is responsible for planning and implementing of strategies to generate funds in order to run the operations relevant to the development of the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards, the International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices, marketing designations and other world-wide operations of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals.

Committee Members
- Jacqualene Humphries , Senior Vice President Finance

Vacant Roles:
- Vice President Finance
- Finance Director
- Finance Manager
- Assistant Finance Manager
- Finance Associate

Human Resources Recruitment Committee
The Human Resources & Recruitment Committee at IIMP™ is responsible for developing and implementing the Institute’s corporate Human Resources strategies and programs. Additionally, the committee is in charge of recruiting, training, supervising and evaluating department staff.

Committee Members
- Karen Clumpus, Vice President of Human Resources
- Riaz Ahamed, Human Resources Manager
- Paul Koshy, Human Resources Training & Development Manager
- Maria Bondarenko, Human Resources Assistant Manager
- Najeem A. Nijaty, Human Resources Assistant Manager

Information Technology Committee
The Information Technology Committee at IIMP™ is responsible for all IT matters including: software selection and development, data security, and web support. The committee’s main focus consists of the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to IT matters in order to facilitate IT Governance within the organization.

Committee Members
- Vice President Information Technology
- IT Manager (vacant position)
- IT Assistant Manager (vacant position)
- Mike Motschenbacher, Web Developer
- Jasveer Mutti, Web Developer

Membership Development Committee
The Membership Development Committee at IIMP™ is responsible for the direction and management of developing and growth of IIMP™ memberships. The committee will have the tasks of researching specific membership development areas including market competitiveness, pricing, compensation, distribution and channel strategy. The Membership Development Committee will regularly collaborate and communicate with the Global Alliances Committee in order to align strategic goals.

As well, the Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining and distributing the membership guide. The committee will be in charge of identifying, securing and promoting new and expanded existing member benefits and the creation, maintenance and promotion of membership resources.

Committee Members
- Vice President Membership Development, Dr. Sudhindra Bhat
- Membership Development Manager, Angela Shirley, MBA

Vacant Positions
- Assciate Vice President Membership Development
- Director of Membership Development
- Associate Director of Membership Development
- Membership Development Assistant Manager
- Membership Development Associate

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